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  集团以《湖北日报》为旗舰,发展并培育出《楚天都市报》、《特别关注》、荆楚网(湖北日报网)等一批文化品牌。《湖北日报》期发量近年来保持40万份以上,居全国省级党报前三位;《楚天都市报》一直是中部地区发行量最大的市场类日报,品牌价值近140亿元, 保持了全国最有影响力都市报的地位;《农村新报》期发行量突破18万份,位列全国“三农”类报纸三甲;《特别关注》杂志发行量多年稳居全国期刊发行量最前列;荆楚网(湖北日报网)是湖北唯一重点新闻网站。



  Hubei Daily Media Group is a large-scale comprehensive media group with Hubei Daily, the official newspaper of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, as its flagship.

  On July 1, 1949, Hubei Daily started its publication. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Hubei Daily has always strived to maintain the correct orientation for public opinion, forged ahead to support the development of Hubei and marched forward with thousands of readers, constantly improving the outreach, leadership, influence and credibility of news consensus. Entering the new century, Hubei Daily has continuously reformed, innovated and developed. Hubei Daily Newspaper Group (Hubei Daily News Office) was established in April 2001, renamed as Hubei Daily Media Group (Hubei Daily News Office) in April 2007, and was formally incorporated into Hubei Daily Media Group Co., Ltd. at the end of 2015. The Group now has 7 newspapers, 8 periodicals, 12 websites, 5 mobile clients, 1 publishing organization, 58 (wholly-owned and holding) companies, and branch offices (reporter stations) in 17 cities and prefectures in the province. It is Hubei's largest news information platform and an important information window for the world to understand Hubei.

  With Hubei Daily as its flagship, the Group has developed and cultivated a number of cultural brands such as Chutian Metropolis Daily, Special Focus and CNHubei.com (Hubei Daily Online). In recent years, the periodical distribution of Hubei Daily has maintained more than 400,000 copies, ranking among the top three provincial party newspapers in the country. Chutian Metropolis Daily has always been the marketing daily with the largest circulation in the central region, with a brand value of nearly RMB 14 billion yuan, maintaining its position as the most influential metropolis newspaper in China. The circulation of Rural Daily News exceeded 180,000 copies, ranking among the top three newspapers in the rural category in China. The circulation of Special Focus magazine has been at the forefront of the national periodical circulation for many years. CNHubei.com (Hubei Daily online) is the only key news website in Hubei Province.

  The Group has always maintained a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, persisted in upholding integrity and innovation, and unswervingly promoted the deep integration and development of media in the new era. In addition, it constantly improved the new forms of news production and release, such as "one interview, multiple creation, linear publication, multimedia presentation, full-time dissemination" and “priority to mobile, terminal network speed and expansion in printed media". As of August 2020, the number of users of the Group's new media platform reached 102 million.

  The Group has continuously promoted the development of cultural programs and cultural industries and has formed a new pattern of diversified industrial development with the main media industry and cultural creativity as its dual cores and cultural real estate and cultural investment as its support. Chutian Media Building, Chutian 181 Creative Industrial Park and Chutian Yuehai International Hotel of the Group are designed to blend in with the beautiful landscape of the East Lake. The project of Wuhan International Cultural and Creative City is in full progress, aiming to build a national digital media innovation zone in central China. The Optics Valley Cultural and Creative Industry Park, located in East Lake New Technology Development Zone and China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhan Area, is currently under expedited construction. In 2019, the Group's operating income exceeded 4.2 billion yuan, and its comprehensive strength ranked first among all the provincial-level newspapers. It ranked fourth in the comprehensive evaluation for national newspaper publishing groups released by the National Press and Publication Administration in September 2019.


  Add:181 Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei, China


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  负责人:陈剑文 党委书记、社长、董事长

  PIC:Chen Jianwen,Secretary of the party committeePresident,Chairman of the Board of Directors

  联系人:高冰 项目主管

  Contact:Gao Bing,Project Head